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This is the home page of the Wendell Sustainable Group, a loose group of people in Wendell who are interested in working to reduce Wendell's dependence on the (possibly failing) outside economy. We are working to be largely self-suffient in terms of food, energy, transportation, etc. by making use of locally available resources.

Paul Richmond had the original idea behind forming this group.

This Wiki is being hosted by Deepwoods Software, Robert Heller's computer software and consulting firm.

There is an E-Mail list available. Visit http://mailman.deepsoft.com/mailman/listinfo/wendell-sustainable for more information and/or to subscribe.

Another E-Mail list of interest is the Wendell Works Committee list -- people interested in creating jobs and business opportunities in town. Visit http://mailman.deepsoft.com/mailman/listinfo/wendell-works-coop for more information and/or to subscribe.

Group Pages:

Jason Tolzdorf
Patty Smythe
Transportation And Energy
Laurie DiDonato and Jonathan von Ranson
Information Technology
Laura Doughty
Theresa Heary, Kristina Stinson and Tristram Seidler

A directory of people is available for download. This is from the plain text version created by Laura Doughty with some minor edits, compressed into a Zip file.

There is an on-line version at WendellPeopleDirectory.

Local resources:



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